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some more on Rahu November 13, 2008

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Rahu the Yogkarak

All planets gain dignity in kendras especially lagna and 10H, and Rahu is no exception. Being a karmic dispenser, it will be more adept at dishing out the rajyogas in kendras and konas and bestow auspicious results to the natives who bring such balances from the previous lives. So not only in Leo, but in other signs also, specially Taurus, virgo, Gemini, sagi, etc. also it gives results of a YK.

Rahu greatly amplifies the kendra as well as the house owner where it is posited. It also amplifies the planet(s) it is conjunct with. Basically Rahu fans the desires pertaining to that house and Rahu seems very powerful because desire is a very powerful thing!!

When rising with lagna it will relate more specifically with self and make an extraordinary person who stands out from the crowd. Native is socially identified with non-traditional or unconventional interests, mysterious or psychic inclinations, and they are at times perceived as a threat to social order and bring about catastrophic social changes.

Rahu in lagna also externalizes deep-rooted weaknesses of the individual. It produces conditions to eradicate those weaknesses and instill the strength to face the ordeals arising in the process of spiritualization. Rahu is responsible for a cleansing operation which may not be very pleasant or simple.

What is the special feather in his cap in Leo? Why does Rahu attain a special status, rather a special purpose in Leo?

Rahu represents the great cyclical law of rejuvenation and regeneration. It presents both restrictions and opportunities for an individual as the messenger of the karmic manifestations. Rahu is the planet on a mission in which it functions ruthlessly but with the assistance and cooperation of other planetary influences.

The eclipse marks a point where the regeneration starts. On a new moon day, Rahu devours both the luminaries and there is total darkness. This is the time of transformation, of rejuvenation. After the eclipse moon is reborn, having emerged from the Sun’s body. This emergence of moon after solar eclipse indicates the regenerative power of Rahu.

Sun is the highest atmic principle and all perceptions are derived from Sun and they shine through the moon. After uniting with Sun and coming out in its rejuvenated form, Rahu radically changes the inner core of the person. Such lessons are learnt the hard way most of the times and so we say Rahu is inimical to sun. But in reality, this is only the drama played for spiritual regeneration of the individual. Just like the great churning. The old adverse karmas are purged out and the person gains new vitality.

Why Rahu rides a Lion.

Not only does Rahu ride a lion, but is also born of a lioness Simhika. This means that Rahu has the nature and conciousness of Sun. Lion represents zodiac sign Leo which refers to spiritual awakening and initiation rites in the process. It is said in various literatures that Lion devours the Sun. When sun is devoured by lion, it shows the unfoldment of human mind to cosmic truth through shearing of sun’s rays.

Rahu, riding the lion also becomes the active shakti, just like Durga, who also rides the lion. If we go deeper, the whole system is traceable to the close association of Sun-moon-rahu in governing the life processes, just as Shiva and Shakti. Rahu ultimately destroys all materialistic desires of the native and advances him on the path of liberation. In Leo, if not well placed, Rahu also annihilates the egoistic, self-centered nature in the native to transform him and create anew. Rahu is ruthless in this sense, having sharp weapons in his hands. Yet he also carries a shield and protects when he wants to. It protects in a godly manner and attacks in a demonic manner, just like Durga or Shakti. The chariot of Rahu moves with a preordained mission with its eight horses which govern the existence and desires.

Thus, astrologically, Rahu becomes doubly powerful in Simha and becomes capable of bestowing inner knowledge. His principle function is to arouse the immeasurable latent faculties of the individual. Until this understanding dawns, the individual may face hardships and troubles in various forms, depending upon the influence of other planets. He may also be subjected to temptations galore of various kinds, until the desires are crushed by the mighty Rahu. The mountain of blackness that Rahu represents shows its gigantic dimensions. The realm of its operation stretches from the lowest physical to the highest spiritual. It might create total darkness like an eclipse before uplifting the individual to spiritual heights.

Rahu is an enigma, just like the illusionary world. What I said was with my very little understanding. Hope other learned members can elaborate on this.