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Rahu, the enigma… October 6, 2008

Posted by Neelam in Articles.
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Rahu enjoys the most enigmatic position in the cosmic scheme. Although he is not a planet, not a body but he is the void… he is the black hole which generates everything and also sucks everything. I feel Rahu is the beginning as well as the end. He has to be taken as whole with Ketu. Rahu-ketu are one entity and between them it is infinite cosmos…that is why in a chart they are assigned the opposite poles and they move as a bipolar force. They can be called bipolar as well as cyclical.

Rahu is the duality and cause of all polarity. It is both good and bad. A giver as well as taker. Life is like a game of Snakes and Ladders with Rahu. He is the Maya and he is mayavi who creates the smoky veils for us and we are required to come of these perceptions.

Rahu and Ketu are the Aksepani and Biksepani Shakti. This can be compared to the power of a rubber ball. When pressed by your fist, the ball will reduce in size, and when released it will once again regain its former shape and size.  Similarly the force fro within that eclipses the mind and again brings it back to its original state, are represented by Rahu and Ketu.

The nature of Rahu is to take hold, and then let loose. It eclipses the luminaries and then again liberates them. Perplexity, confusion, suffocation, oppression and desertion are the feelings exuberated from its hold. Force, ferocity and violence are its expressions. Riot, revolt and rebellion are its manifestations in the Life of the native and public and masses. To acquire, to shoot up, to ascend high, it aims at. It is a Formidable One.

Due to the insatiable desires and mental excitements manifesting, a native receives various experiences and sufferance, that ultimately lead him towards renouncements.

So Rahu is just not all only Materialistic. If harnessed well by a seeker , it can lead one to the dictates of Ketu – Moksha.

Rahu makes one reach the heights of spirituality and he is the one to give the pits of immorality. Rahu is the karmic dispenser. He is the one who monitors our balance sheet and maneuvers our lives.

Mythologically speaking, Ganesha created by Parvati from the dirt of her body is Rahu-Ketu, He is both Vighnkarta and Vighnharta. He was decapitated by Shiva. His trunk is ketu. He is the Ganpati, the Lord of Ganas, Bhutas and Pretas.

Rahu is thus are both Shiva and Shakti of the world. He is the preserver and strength of Vishnu in the form of Sheshnag. He is the serpent power the Supreme shakti. You are the Vish in Shiva’s throat. He adorns Shiva’s head and arms. Rahu fits beautifully in this scheme.

Gathering a minute particle of dust from his Lotus Feet, Brahma the Creator brings into being this Universe (limitless and mysterious). The Maintainer Vishnu as Adisesha supports this Universe (made out of that dust) with his Thousand hoods, and Hara , the destroyer, crushing it into powder, rubs the ashes all over His body at the time of dissolution. (All Rahu)

Without him the churning of Meru would not have taken place. He is the one who is Amrit as well as the Vish. Both are required in life at different points of time.

Rahu fully represents the soul or sun. Sun debilitates in Rahu’s Swati and exalts in Ketu’s Ashwini. What is brought from previous life by ketu is dispensed by rahu, till the ego dissolves.

For this reason, he lords over chhidras, orifices, body openings, dwars, etc. Thus he becomes the most receptive karak to unleash the inner energy as well as to tap the outer energy. Thus he becomes the karak for diseases also, (with ketu) as all blockages and diseases are first received at the auric level. He also becomes the destroyer of diseases.

I can go on and on with this… but with this I want to get to Rahu kaalam.

Since Rahu is all important, at Rahu Kaalam, the cosmic energies are very special. We are generally forbidden to do anything else at this time because all of us need to tap our latent serpent in this hour to reach the higher states. What better way to do that than japa and pooja. What we feel as losses in materialistic pursuits are not really so and have no basis, it is just that we notice it more. Or may be rahu wants us to stop doing any other activity except spiritual pursuits?

Also how many would really stick to the correct Rahu kaalams?

Our ancient sages were very wise and they have made things easy for us by explaining them in a most childlike manner. You do not venture out as it will not be good for you, just like a mother tells her child when she thinks he will not understand the real reason.

That is why for all sensitive periods, brahma muhurat, sandhya, amavasya, poornima, rikta tithes, etc, we do not celebrate important happenings, but we are required to pray ad meditate.