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bonds of friendship seen astrologically September 28, 2008

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In an earlier post I had presented some food for thought to the group to think about the journey of life and how we create our sub-particle space to intersect all other sub-particle spaces, and thus become extensions of each other. This appears to be the backdrop behind the working of all human relationships, and the nature of the sub-particle results in no-relationship and poor to excellent relationships amongst friends, siblings, husband-wife, parent-child, boss-subordinate, guru-shishya, etc.

Apart from compulsions of the spiritual kind, which bring the two souls together for some purpose, which might be beyond us to comprehend, we must be compelled also by the starry positions at the time of our birth, that we fine-tune to some frequencies, and are off-tune to others. We need to explore the astrological possibilities and check the out the planetary positions and see if two persons can have a mutually healthy and happy relationship, or they are not meant to see eye-to-eye, or fall somewhere in between.

I am trying to start a discussion on ‘How to see from the charts whether any two individuals can be or are friends or not’. Of course we can only do this, once we presume that the two have known each other.

Although all relationships can be extended and brought into this category… saying e.g we need to be friends with our children, siblings etc. and it is a very wide category, we will try to limit it certain specified friends.

I am here including cases when people connect with each other in different environments and ‘strike a chord’ so as to say and become friends.

This can be extended to all types of friendships…
Raymond jaisi… Since 1925, pepsi jaisi, dil maange more… or LIC jaisi jindagi ke saath bhi, jindagi ke baad bhi….

Whatever be the category, we are trying to see the level of harmony and happiness between the two friends.

Some examples:

  • Meeting peer group while we are in school, college etc. and making friends who can range from no-so-good to the best of friends.
  • Meeting in work place and come to form a bond of friendship.
  • Meeting someone like a fellow passenger on a journey and ties of friendship develop for ever.
  • In today’s times meeting in virtual media like internet and seeking out the like-minded ones to create a bond of friendship.

Let us see what astrological parameters we should apply to check this.
As we all know 11H is the place to look for friends. Interestingly enough, this house is said to be the joy of Jupiter, and Jupiter is productive of belongings, religion and spiritual matters in general. This house is also the place of acquisition because it is said to be an indicator of gains. This is acquisition from one’s own perspective, because from the others’ perspective (7H) this house is the 5th and relates to expenditure, and investment, but instead of the investment going out, it is their investment into you. It is natural that if we put something out into the world, eventually there will be a return, and this is that place. It is not simply financial return, but it is the sum total of the world’s reaction to our efforts. If it is a performance (Leo), then what is gained in return is applause from the crowds (Aquarius). Thus this house is an indicator of friendships and the type of crowd that we naturally fall into.

There is another interesting impact of Jupiter’s joy in this house. Since the upper half of the chart is naturally more aligned with the solar sect, and Jupiter is itself sanguineous and ethereal, forcing us to take the existence of the stars beyond the sunny blue sky on faith, it represents that there are just some things that we take on faith with associates, based upon trust. The 11th house is thus, not a place where we need to see proof of what other people stand for. If we receive something, normal reaction in this house is not to inspect it. We naturally expect to receive what we are due, unless this house indicates a suspicious temperament, negating the naturally uplifting effect of this place. If we do this, we need to take a look at the 5th house to see the type of energy we put out into the world, for the seed that we sow in 5H will bear fruit in 11H.

The other houses get involved in various ways. Lagna which is self, 3H for effort and communication, 4H of emotions and love, 5H if it is a romantic friendship, 9H for bhagya and 10H for karma which of which 11H is the result and loss of friendship is a direct result from undesirable karma.

Some parameters to judge:

General disposition from individual charts
1. Lagna/LL and 11H/11L in the individual charts create the basic environment to make a person friendly, outgoing, extrovert and reaching out to people. This can be examined in both charts to see if the natives are both friendly and social. This will clear the primary test for starting on a path to friendship.

2. Natural and panchadha maitri between the lagna lord and 11L will further strengthen a person’s friendly disposition.

3. Since friendship is more of a mental affair, it is very important to see moon lagna and rasheesh in both the charts. If both lagna and moon lagna are individually well-disposed, it shows the person is in harmony with himself and if it extends to the other chart as well, the harmony extends to the other person.

4. 11th from moon can also be seen, especially of the moon sign is strong.

Specific to both charts to be seen together
5. Mutual placements of lagna lords and 11th lords in each other’s charts. Although a friendly person will generally be friendly, but he may also be very selective also in forming real friendships. Then those, who are found to be not so friendly by above, still strike friendships with certain people. This can be seen for both lagna and moon.

  • How the two lagna lords are with each other – friendly, mutually well placed, in which rashis… e.g both in fiery signs or one in fiery and one in airy may become conducive to start of the friendship.
  • How the two 11H lords are with each other
  • How one LL is with other’s 11L.

6. The karaka for 11H is Jupiter and its placement in individual charts and mutual placement in both charts should be seen. Mercury also is responsible for communication, wit, playfulness, etc. A good mercury tuning in the charts will help.

7. Moon is mind and as we know, the better the two moons behave individually, as well as together, better.

8. Sun is another important planet as it represents ego. Ego is what we show to the outer world and will definitely dictate the level of acceptance and friendship.

9. Other aspects and conjunctions to see the smooth sailing or roadblocks in the form of people and situations.

10. All this should be checked in navamsh also to reconfirm and ascertain the real depth of feelings and liking for each other.

11. Those who are well versed with nakshatras can go deeper into nakshatra-based analysis of the above factors also to see the innate qualities and potential.

12. And those who are more enterprising could try looking at the Ekadashamsha.

13. The dashas and antars will sow the seed of friendship by getting the two together. And friendship can flourish in the conducive dashas.

14. Any other factors that have not been listed above, please feel free to suggest.

As we all understand, the quality of friendship and the strength of friendship bond will depend on all the above factors. If there are more positive indications, means the bond is stronger.