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Destiny’s Deal March 10, 2009

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Horoscope or birth chart of a person is a dynamic tool that reveals the divine plan unfolding in one’s life. A complete horoscope is the window to peep into the many layers and complexities of an individual’s character. It offers insights into both the obvious and not so obvious personality traits so that we understand what we might expect as well as what to beware of. It can serve as an excellent instrument for understanding the native at a very profound level. The birth chart reveals our strengths and weaknesses. It can tell us much about the childhood and how this has affected our lives up to the present. It can throw light on repeating behaviour patterns, or on repeating events which seem to occur. Understanding our motivations, beliefs and responses to different situations can help us alter and adapt our behaviour if we think it is appropriate. The interplay of planets in different houses can be seen as sub-personalities making up one whole. These Houses and planets with their dasha patterns take one on the roller coaster of life right from the day an individual is born.

At the end of a systematic and scientific analysis of the chart, an individual emerges in flesh and blood, who is the horoscope personified.

In the above context, the present case study was taken up to understand the ‘Destiny’s Deal’ programmed for this native. The native, who is now about 48 years old, has gone through his share of highs and lows in life. One the one hand he life has taken him to highways to scale the peaks and on the other there have been rough terrains leaving scars for ever.

Native male, 29.4.1959/22.30/Delhi

The horoscope was analysed to assess the kinetics of his life’s journey in the backdrop of the potential preset in the heavens. The native was asked to confirm or negate the results as seen through his horoscope.


The personality, identity and dharma
The first, fifth and ninth houses are the houses involved with ones identity and personality. They are the dealing hands for your bhagya and karma and give you your lineage and legacy. They relate to your genesis as well as progeny. Here we see that:
The lagna is strong, but the LL has gone to 12th house. From moon also Rashis is in 12th and in navamsh also the LL is in 12H.

Has the destiny been taking him out of his birth place?
Yes, I have been abroad on different occasions

The 9L of father, bhagya, etc. who is sun himself is exalted in 5H. From moon also 5L venus is in own house with retrograde rashis saturn aspecting both 5th and 9th houses. 9L mercury also aspects 9th house. In D-9, where we see the subtle meanings, all planets have concentrated in 5-9 houses. 5L and 9L of navamsh in 5H and LL mars being aspected by the 9L. Like Sun, like father.

Does he have a good relations with father and father holds a strong influence on him. He is also very religious.
Yes, my father has supported me in my ups and downs.
He was born in a good family and has been lucky in various ways.

The Work, Strife and Karma
The second, sixth and tenth houses are the houses concerned with the material plane. They unfold our karma in this life. They are also the artha houses. The salient points seen in this plane are:
10L is debilitated in 4H and is in R/K axis. It is aspected by Mars, who is 8L and 3L from 10H. It is also aspected by 5L/6L Saturn. There is inherent weakness in the 10th house. The native is not able to hold on to a regular job. There are frequent changes and dissatisfaction related to work. Interestingly, the ascendant nakshatra lord is Ketu, who is in close conjunction with 10L mercury and also aspects 10H. This adds an element of deception in his karma. Of the supporting 2 and 6 houses, second house has 8L moon and aspect of mars. 6th house has venus in Mars’ nakshatra, in his own house giving him support in his ventures. Here an influence of Mars makes him an energetic, sports-oriented person. The aspect of 10L on 10H with other aspects gave him good rise in profession, but the debilitated 10L could not resist the influence of 8L/8H and his career graph dipped several times.
Has he seen ups and downs in career?
Yes several times.
There has been dissatisfaction related to work and jobs?
Were you ever offered job in armed forces?
Yes, I worked for 7 years

The relationships, communication and desires
The third, seventh and eleventh houses are the houses involved with communication and relationships. They’re also the houses of interests and desires. 3L in lagna, aspecting 3H makes his third house very strong giving him an edge in sports and extra activities. The 7H, which also tells us about the spouse, is seen to hold malefic mars, who is also 12th lord and 6 and 11L from 7H. There is aspect of Saturn who is 8th and 9th lord from 7th. The lord is debilitated in 4th house in r/k axis. There is only a retrograde Jupiter aspecting 7H and 7L which gave him marriage, though it became difficult for him to hold on to this marriage. The wife may be dominating, demanding and aggressive. The 11L venus, though strong and it is placed in 6th house from lagna has protected him against diseases. But this venus is in 8H from 11th house. Here we see enterprise, motivation, effort from a strong 3rd house, not being able to sustain in the 7th house. The results and gains in 11th house is the real roller coaster where the native reaps good as well as bad harvest.

Have you been interested in sports?
Yes, I have been a good player and played state-level games.
Has there been a marital discord? Wife is ambitious and aggressive.
Yes I am fighting a divorce case.
Your friends misunderstand you?
Yes, I do not have lasting friendships.

The emotional make-up and psyche
The fourth, eighth, and twelfth houses are the houses concerned with the depths of the soul or psyche. They govern the emotions. 4th house is the primary house of mother and happiness. The 4th house has debilitated Mercury and ketu. They impart an element of disillusion and deception related to the 4th house affairs and affect the psyche of the native. The watery sign in the 4th house and its lord having gone to 12th house make the native emotionally sensitive and vulnerable. Moon, the karak of mind and mother is the 8L of the horoscope and it has no benefic aspect. It is afflicted by mars. Hence confirming the problem regarding mother, emotions and happiness. The supportive 8th and 12th houses are strong. 8th house is aspected by its lord moon, and 12H has lagna lord Jupiter.

Do you have strained relationship with mother?
Yes, I hate my mother.
Have you suffered losses in assets and properties?
Are you interested in spiritual pursuits and occult?
Yes, very much.

Having gone through some inherent qualities of this chart, what strikes one at a glance is:
1. All 4 kendras hold malefics. Mercury behaves as a malefic in the company of malefics. This gives rise to Sarp Yoga .
2. There is no yoga between the kendra-trikona lords.
3. Kendra lords are weak, Jupiter in 12H and Mercury in debilitation.
4. In the navamsh, the kendras have become empty.

The Kendras signify Vishnu, the maintainer, and the Trikonas signify Lakshmi, the Goddess of Fortune. Thus the Kendras indicate things that we should maintain (1st-body, 4th-home, 7th-wife, 10th-work). On the other hand, the Trikonas indicate fortune (Purva Punya dharma and religiousness in this life). So if there’s a connection between Kendras and Trikonas through their lords being conjunct, in Parivartana or at least in aspect, the Yoga of Lakshmi and Vishnu is created, which brings success.
Here, with good tikonas, the native got the benefit of poorv punya and bhagya but the kendras could not sustain it.
Is it a kendradhipati dosh in operation during the Jupiter dasha? LL and 4L retrograding in 12H and 7L and 10L mer debilitated and afflicted in 4H. The kendras got completely blown away by the end of Jupiters dasha. This happens in a case with Kendradhipaqti Dosh . The results of the planet are limited because of no yoga with the Trikonas.

The native came to consult in January at the onset of his saturn’s mahadasha and physically had all kendras empty. He had no job, no wife, no happiness and obviously self was down in dumps.
Will he ever be able to revive his past glory? That was the question.

With the above background in mind, we’ll see how the dashas had unfolded. The results fructify depending upon the dasa in operation. Along with the house, house lord, we shall see the role of bhavat bhavam, karaks and all these from moon. The navamsh is equally important to accept or negate any result and to see the working of planets at the subtle level.

Born in Moon Mahadasha
This native was born in the dasha of Moon-Ra-Ven. It is the mahadasha of 8L in 2H, malefic rahu in 8L moon’s nakshatra and 6th and 11th lord ven in 6H. The dasha is not conducive to a healthy childhood. There is balarisht yog. This moon is in Capricorn, aspected by retrograde Saturn. It is aspected by mars who is the 4th and 11th lord. All the dashanaths, moon-ra-ven are aspected by a retrograde Saturn. This continues in the navamsh also. This shows an unhappy childhood which is controlled by a strong but not so happy moon. This has impacted his psyche, as we’ve already seen there is a weakness related to emotional make-up.

Mars mahadasha in early years
The early part of student life was spent in mahadasha of mars. Mars as 5L is well placed in Kendra. It is aspecting the lagna and 2H with 2nd and 2rd lord Saturn in lagna and moon in 2H. This mahadashanath is also aspecting the 10th house and Rahu. The 7 year mars dasha was mostly spent in playing and learning sports and extra activities.

Rahu giving strength to compete
The next phase was in continuation of this as mars gave way to rahu who is aspected by mars in 10H. Some of the events during the period have been:
Ra-sa-ma: Got a service in Indian Army
Ra-ve-mer: went abroad to do an MBA
Ra-ma: gave him marriage

Jupiter gives the roller coaster ride
Ju-ju: good period of LL and 4L Jupiter who is in 5H in navamsh with sun, the 5L of rashi and LL of navamsh.
Ju-sa: got a good job with an MNC and earned handsome salary.
Ju-me and Ju-ke : marital discords. Wife becoming too ambitious and fights all the time
Ju-mars: turning point in life. Mars is 12L in rashi chart and is lagna and 8th lord of navamsh in 12th house. The mars is also posited in 6/8 from dashanath Jupiter in both the charts. Ra-mars dasha is notorious also for ruining people. The native started feeling unsettles as wife left him.
Ju-ra: was sacked from his job. Completely lost his peace of mind. Jupiter was transiting on the 12th house from lagna and on natal Jupiter in 12H. Gave him spiritual inclinations and he became religious.

Jupiter having snatched away all that he had, what Saturn would have in store for him?
Saturn is good planet for him, sitting in lagna as lord of 2nd and 3rd house, it aspects 3rd house, 7th house and 10th house.
From moon Saturn is lagna and second lord in 12th house. It aspects 2nd, 6th and 11th houses.
The double transit is on leo and Jupiter is transiting in natal lagna and Saturn. In navamsha Saturn is in leo.
Saturn is expected to give following results:
a. As 2L in lagan, his effort is for earning wealth for himself and makes him money-minded.
b. With 8L moon in his 2H, he sees ups and downs in his finances that will affect him. 2H under malefic influence of 7th and 12th lord mars also denotes financial losses through spouse/ partnership.
c. Saturn is aspecting own 3H and hence promotes his efforts and enterprise. Rashi being aquarius, it gives him a fair amount of creativity and imagination along with hard work to do so.
d. Saturn’s aspect on 7H is not good for his marriage and since other combinations also exist in the chart for a bad marriage (as we’ve already discussed), sa-sa dasha may seal his marriage, but not without giving him financial strain.
e. Saturn’s friendly aspect as karak for job on his 10H will prove beneficial in procuring a job. The aspect of 7th and 12L mars on 10H and Saturn would give him a job overseas or with an MNC where traveling is involved. He will join a new job in mid march. He will adopt unfair practices and gains through emotional blackmails as Saturn is debilitated in 5H of dashmansh, which is also the 5H of rashi chart.
f. 9L sun exalted in 5H: He will get full support from his father in his endeavours. It is because of father that he’ll be able to pick up the threads of his life again. Luck will favour him as if drawing from a previous account (9L in 5H)
g. 9H is also the house of marriage. The native will try to find happiness through 2nd marriage which is a possibility because:
• 9L in 9th from 9H and exalted in 5H of affairs
• 9H is strong in navamsh
• 9H from moon is aspected by LL Saturn from 12H from moon
• from venus also moon is in 9H, aspected by 7L and 12L mars, thereby showing marriage abroad.
• Finally the DT on 9H seals the decision of 2nd marriage.

On the flip side:
The DT is on 8H from moon, thereby showing that he has to come out of his 8H activities to get into the benefits of 9H. Now what are the 8H affairs that he must check:
LL Jupiter retrograding in 12H, drawing from 8H. Stop secret affairs and liaisons.
8L moon in 2H of vani also makes him untruthful in thoughts and speech. Relationship with mother is strained. The trinal connection of LL in 12H aspecting 4H and 8H has been detrimental. LL seeking happiness (4H) from 8H affairs. The 4H malefics and 4L in 12th, skew his ideas about happiness.