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Business of Remedies August 2, 2009

Posted by Neelam in Articles.
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There was a furor within the jyotish fraternity after you publicly dismissed the prevalent myths regarding the occurrence of eclipses, and their impact on the individuals. Both traditional, as well as modern astrologers have been quite visibly upset with your statements and verdicts. But hats off to you Sir, for wiping the grime off the face of jyotisha, and bringing out the shining truth, once more.

He has aptly called them PONGA PANDITS, those who are ignorant about real astrology, those who refuse to accept scientific principles and those who continue to create fear in the minds of people about planets and natural celestial happenings. Many modern and well-educated astrologers are also seen to toe these lines, and accept the superstitious age-old practices as norms, themselves becoming Ponga Pandits. This is for two reasons, one, they do not have an out-of-the-box thinking and two, it suits them well, as it serves a tool to generate more income for them.

The malpractices, which had earlier been localized and low-key, have now become full-blown social evils, due to easy access to all-pervasive mass media and tap-key communication through internet. The younger generation is falling in this trap because of their high level of frustration and low self esteem. They are victims of difficult and competitive circumstances and look for easy way out in superstitious beliefs.

Lakhs of people look for solutions and remedies for their seemingly never-ending problems and are often ready to spend money to get quick-fix solutions. Seeing a window opportunity to make money, innumerable 24-hour dedicated TV channels have sprung up who advertise and sell the remedies and solutions with the prescriptions of gems, talismans, lucky charms, etc, in all shapes, sizes and amounts which suit different pockets.

With living becoming more and more expensive, no amount of money seems to be enough to manage it. As in all professions, the financial insecurity creeps in deeper in the minds of jyotishis of all colours. More and more astrologers seem to be taking a further plunge into the abysses of cheating and unfair practices in astrology.

The innocent public is first terrorized quite blatantly in the name of curses in their horoscopes and then suggested remedies in the form of expensive Shanti Poojas and precious gems and stones.

There seems to be a huge scope of innovation and growth in the ‘Business of Remedies’ and the practitioners are leaving no stone unturned to multiply their business manifolds. Simple gems and stones seem to be passé. Now we see them advertising and selling ‘Rare Sacred Manis’. The astrologers claim that they possess rare manis as per the prescriptions of Jyotish Shastras like Brihat Samhita by Varahmihira. Internet is being used as the quick and easy medium to pedal these products. Nag Mani is being sold as the most precious and coveted product, which is said to bring unprecedented wealth and prosperity in the shortest possible time. No ill can come near a person who possesses a Nag MANI, it is being claimed. It is being sold as a rare possession, at exorbitant prices. Similarly, there are other natural manis, like Gaj Mani, Varah Mani, Matsya Mani, Megh Mani, etc., which these astrologers claim to possess and sell. They have also sorted them into categories to suit all pockets.

Astrologers are becoming nefarious businessmen, finding ways and means to fool public by selling any crap in the name of remedies. I hope he will expose more such Upayachaaryas to save the gullible public from their clutches. You are doing a great service to the nation and to the humanity by bringing out the truth.