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Apsaras in the Chart March 15, 2009

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In response to a mail in Jyotish Group.
A story from Mahabharata goes like this:

King Kaushika tried to steal Sage Vashishtha’s cow Nandini by force
of arms. The sage fought back with his power of siddhi. He conjured up
an army from thin air and defeated the king. Realising that material
might was no match for spiritual prowess, Kaushika decided to become a
rishi, and more powerful than sage Vashishtha. He renounced his kingdom,
left for the forest and and began practicing austerities. To distract
him, Indra sent the apsara Menaka, who succeeded in seducing him. When
Kaushika realized how he’s been tricked, he turned away from Menaka
and resumed his austerities. Indra then sent the another apsara Rambha.
Kaushika had acquired enough control over his senses to resist
Rambha’s charms, but not adequate restraint over his rage. With
whatever spiritual prowess he had gathered. He cursed Rambha to turn
into a stone. Undaunted, he resumed his austerities and Indra again
dispatched another set of nymphs, but this time Kaushika was beyond
temptations and vices. He conquered his mind and became a great rishi.

Menaka tempts sexually, Rambha goads him into violence. Sex and violence
fetter all creatures in space-time continuum. An individual indulges in
sex for self-propagation and gives in to violence for self-preservation.
Thus sex and violence maintain the integrity of samsara whereas celibacy
and non-violence form the cornerstone of monastic orders. The
confrontation of Rishis and apsaras is thus a confrontation of worldly
desires and other-worldly aspirations. Apsaras are the worldly
temptations personified.

With this background, we may come to the point of locating apsaras in a

A planet/planets in 11H in general indicates the apsaras of our life.
11H is the roadblock for entering the 12H for final emancipation. 11H
also causes the loss of 12 house affairs (termination of life) due to
different reasons. Heard about the old grandpa who has a desire to live
till his grandson gets married or till he sees his great grand child!!!

All cumulative gains are in 11H, which themselves become the temptations
binding us to samsara. This is the dangerous bridge between our karmas
and liberation. Think of the lord which is connected with 11H. That is
the apsara. Often children, grandchildren become the apsaras to keep
self in samsara. 5H is the challenge one needs to overcome to clear the

One can think of many challenges in the form of money, name and fame,
power, women, affairs, children, friends, social circle, etc, basically
thrown by life to overcome our shad ripus (11H is sookshm house of 6th)
before the final journey.