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Some Random Thoughts August 10, 2009

Posted by Neelam in Articles.
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Whether horoscope depicts a set-in-stone destiny where every happening is beyond our control or it is a set of potentials where much is dependent on the choices we make, or any shade in-between the two, we might never know for sure! There’s just one life and each individual life is different, so sadly, we cannot run an experiment with a control in place!

Astrology is not that complex as we’ve made it out, perhaps! May be it is just indicative of the possible archetypes and their inter-relationships as also their interaction with environment, space and universe. It could be a bit like the particle and wave phenomenon shown by the quantum physicists. Our ancient seers might have been scientists, observers and stargazers to have revealed some great truth and knowledge which has come from their mouths to our hands, fragmented and weathered, with missing texts and typos and which we possessively hold in awe, and refuse to experiment to fill in the gaps!

While ancient astrology appears to be well-researched and technique-rich, but does it really indicate a fatalistic and deterministic model of the cosmos, both micro and macro? Does it not show how lived experience, we may call it fate, might serve as a catalyst for learning and change, or how learning and change might, in turn, alter fate?

If I may ask, when is Jupiter most likely to kill? An interesting answer is when a native has been committing excesses in Rahu dasha! Someone drinking excessively in Rahu’s dasha might be diagnosed with liver cirrhosis in the upcoming Jupiter’s period. Jyotish here teaches us to be careful of the fault-line, of the indicative liver failure as shown by the planets, and to minimise the threat and damage by exercising control.

That is where, perhaps, remedies are important. Not the gems etc., but simple prayers and even if not remembering God, but practicing godliness or goodness at least. Anyone who does that might be exercising his free-will and save himself from fatal Jupiter! It has been well said in the Mahabharata that gods do not protect anyone with batons. They help by bestowing on a person a right sense of discrimination which in turn helps him to take a right decision and exercise right judgment.

Don’t ask me how one would know whether it was free-will which saved or the destiny which didn’t mean to kill! If we practice simple astrology based on our own individual observations, we shall know. Over-use of the tools of astrology keeps us from experiencing things ourselves. Astrology may not be as dogmatic as we believe it to be. It might work much better and more successfully when treated like a behavioural science or psychology or even medicine, all saying prevention is better than cure.

I am reproducing some words from Sh K N Rao:

1) A scientific truth was discovered in ancient India,
2) It was expressed in the form of a story in the Puranic style
3) When it got socially accepted it became a social belief, gathered in course of time their own beliefs and superstition, and further
4) when it reached tribal areas it collected the tribal beliefs and superstitions like marrying a girl or boy whose horoscope showed some defect for marriage, to a tree first before actually performing the marriage.

There are always some things beyond our understanding, may be a part some great mystery, but that part is taken care of by all religions and belief systems. Astrology in any case fails most of the times in those arenas!