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Astrology is the study of man’s response to planetary stimuli. The stars have no conscious benevolence or animosity; they merely send forth their radiations. Of themselves, these do not help or harm humanity, but offer a lawful channel for the outward operation of cause-effect equilibrium which each man has set into motion in the past.




1. Sivanatha Ceyonswami - April 15, 2011

OM Namasivaya,
Re: the 60 year samvatsara names. Since it began with Jupiter and Saturn in Aries, why is this not the beginning of the 13th year of Pramathi when Jupiter enters Aries in May, since Ju/Sa were last together in Aries in 1999-2000 ?
I think it has gotten way off track over a long period of time by attaching it to the Sun’s orbit, instead of Jupiter’s ingress into each rasi.

2. Phyllis Chubb - January 10, 2013

OM Namasivaya,
I would appreciate being able to contact the individual called Neelam. My e-mail address is: phyllis@phyllischubb.com.
The articles posted here are fantastic and I appreciate it so.

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