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Astrology, the enigma! June 12, 2009

Posted by Neelam in Articles.
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Astrology, the endless enigma! Pondering over it, one has to accept, albeit reluctantly, that much of the forecasting comes from serendipitous uttering or muttering of an astrologer, rather than his prudence and consistent display of great astrological acumen. But then, are astrologers supposed to be know-alls? Are they really? Even those who aren’t dilettantes, are they supposed to offer insights into everything?

Astrology may be a language, and not a belief, but where does one learn the syntax, the semantics and the pragmatics from? How do we remove the dead scales of time from the scriptures and classics to find the traces, if any, of gasping life! With the changing social paradigms, can the tattered scriptures of provide a framework upon which we may hang our lives? What is the best way to learn astrology to make it applicable and replicable?

Astrology is said to rest on astronomy. Astronomy, as a science, was it in a better condition at the time of Aryabatta and Varahmihira, than today? The calculations which were then framed, or were in use then, were suited to the time. Owing probably to the wear and tear of the machinery of the Solar system, the tables or calculations of that age not suited to our age. But why are we incapable of creating fresh frameworks, with much so much scientific advancements?

Is it because of the missing mechanism to explain its working, or the apparent missing link between the cosmos and humans. Is astrology mystical! or magical! or magnetic! Or is it just an astronomical or celestial interference on the planet which we fail to understand with assurance and conviction? Are we taking this celestial interference too seriously?

Is astrology some form of unified field theory, planetary activity being sum total of a number of forces, some good and some evil, with man’s karma leading him into the one force or the other. But there are also some other forces, by knowledge of which, man may benefit himself, though they may not be his lot to be drawn into, by his past karma. This is the job assigned to free will, so the planets may not just act like mere jailors and rewarding officers.

Why would Varahmihira, in Brihat Jataka talk about Nisheka (conception), and advise the native to avail himself of particular planetary positions if he desired an excellent issue? We are told else where that Parasara, after finding such an hour for Nisheka, approached and joined a boat-man’s daughter in an island on the Yamuna and the issue born was the great Vedavyasa. Is Muhurta the key to accelerate our freewill then?

Are we, in a way being told that prevention is better than cure, i.e., to use good muhurta for activities like travel (includes flights), to avoid disasters! But can we choose the Muhurta always?

Too many questions! And we have no answers! That is why perhaps, world is forced to look askance at astrology!