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A crap post! May 20, 2009

Posted by Neelam in Articles.

Pavlov’s drooling dog since long broke the barriers between physiology and psychology. And today, we have a much better understanding of watery mouths, dry mouths or gummy mouths! 🙂 Still the knowledge of biological systems is as scarce as of Jyotish (in a way!)

Not only the absence of it, which is an extreme distressing state, saliva is quite indicative of the state of a being, I would say both physical and mental and in a way spiritual too! The composition, amount, flow rate, and so on, change from moment to moment.

Being of *NERVOUS* nature, salivary secretion changes with all micro and macro changes in physiology and psychology. Notice the flow decrease when we’re thirsty, resulting in gummy mouth and conversely, a mint or something in the mouth increases the flow of saliva and the sensation of thirst disappears! Stress is immediately reflected in the mouth as variation in salivary cortisol. On the permanent side, people with different eating habits have different composition of saliva having different enzymes, many diseases cause alterations in chemical and hormonal compositions, e.g autism is seen to be associated with a missing peptide in the saliva.

Of course, saliva being an important component of taste function too, your sugar-coated fennel, might give you a different experience at different times. How about examining the tatwas, planetary influences and the transits for those temporary changes!



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