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More on Cancer! May 19, 2009

Posted by Neelam in Articles.

Cancer, the queenly domain of the zodiac, is a very special place for many reasons and we might need to examine the horoscope with great care and sensitivity as far as Cancer is concerned. CANCER is the prolific, fertile environment and wherever it falls in the chart defines an area to be ploughed and seeded with care, as our karmas or life experiences shall be rooted here. If Cancer is responsible for the ebb and tide of transformation, it does so in both positive and negative manner. SOMA is one, but how it is absorbed and to what use it is put, will bring about the suffering or liberation.

Cancer being the cosmic womb in KPK, the hiranyagarbha is the receptacle, the place where seed of creativity is sown (the karma of 7H). The seed germinates as it imbibes the cosmic energy (sun) in the fifth house, creating another life. That is why perhaps, Cancer is the house of motherhood, nurturing, nourishment and fifth house of creativity. What one nurtures in fourth is visible as creativity in fifth.

Unlike the other two watery signs scorpio and pisces, Cancer is more complete in itself and does not need the other sign for support. There is no male-female energy complement or a yin and yang required in this sign. The ‘moistness’ is the capacity to be creative and procreative, to release *emotions* or *life* from its womb. The blurred watery boundaries are essential when we allow empathy, sympathy or shared personal or collective experiences or events from one being to another. In the act of sharing, moisture is a creative condition, which forms the basis of love, fertility and reproduction. When  one is too emotional the ‘excess of water’ is shed through eyes, laugh or cry!

Is it any surprise that mars, the ever aggressive fighter loses his prowess here, whereas the preceptor guru, with his wisdom and knowledge is given the throne. From the ninth of fiery Sagittarius, which arouses the passion to move on the path of spirituality and dharma, Cancer is the hidden garbhasthan. A churning of dharmic passions here gives the crème or amrit which is then forwarded to the ninth from here (12H), from where the soul can be liberated.

Nectar of wisdom is churned in the cosmic womb. That is where Shakti is, MA is!



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