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Cancer!! The Crab or the Zoadiac! May 18, 2009

Posted by Neelam in Articles.

Well, we all dread CANCER! Hope there is no relation of poor astro-crab with the dreadful disease 🙂

An INDIVIDUAL is undivided in itself but divided (separated) from other beings, implying, therefore, unity and separateness both. As you said, it also enfolds duality within itself.

In biology, APOPTOSIS is the term used for a programmed cellular death, which is (or should be) an inherent feature of *individual* cells. In the absence of apoptosis, the cells forget to die and the condition is called CANCER. Since these cells do not know how to die, they keep dividing or multiplying. In their quest for immortality, they kill the host (body) upon which they are dependent for their life. This also applies to population

But without death there can be no life. Each moment the body-mind is dying and creating something new. Something has to die for something new to emerge, and for our soul to take quantum leaps of creativity, one must never forget to die.

Why does a WORD have such deep implications? Is it because NAADA was the sounding word to wake up the sleeping consciousness and getting the universe ready to procreate and harbour its wonderful life?

After its coinage, the word becomes alive, and like a perfumed swab, starts emanating and giving depth to whatever it was intended for. A rose may smell as sweet with any other name! But once a rose is called a rose, for whatever reasons, it becomes so symbolic of rose, that more than the rose itself, the WORD gains substance! Hope I am making sense, otherwise, how would people categorise and compartmentalise people and issues and imagination may limit the absurdity! For a similar reason, people like to name their children Ram and Shyam and not Ravan and Dushasan.

Sorry, I digress, but it was about CANCER, the word! How people almost die with fear of the word itself! A decree of sorts!

I happened to ponder over the word, and what it emanates from its appendages as it represents two realities in our MAYAland, one, of the astro-crab and the other, of the body-crab. (oops, I almost spelt it as CRAP, does it change much of reality? Does it not?)

That apart, playing with Google, I found that the nomenclature for the astro-cancer and the body-cancer, was perhaps done independent of each other. But a thought stuck anyways! Wasn’t Hippocrates quite an ASTRO-DOC(TOR) of those times! Or the posterity might have forgotten the common cankerous (as in latin) origins! After all, Hippocrates must’ve compared the crabby appendages in the cancer mass of the body as well as the zodiac! That might be the clue! Common shape and appearance… in the microcosm and macrocosm! What else?

And stuck as I was on it, the light descended on *REVERSAL*.
As RRji said, //Malignant cells have also been called immature cells, as in reversing their aging process somehow.//

As the cells reverse their life energy when IN CANCER, so does the SUN in heavens, when IN CANCER! And why do Devatas go on for their divine siesta, leaving the cankerous earth to proliferate and procreate (the fertile months)!

Then there is Tropic of Cancer (not the book!) and the WORD tropos, meaning TURN, referring to sun which *turns back*. Why would MAHAKAAL setup his throne there? Why would Vishwanath beckon from there? Those who’ve had a connection with them would know.

How the *individual* (cell, man, earth…) becomes prolific and creative, i.e. YOUNG again and alive in dying? Same glass of wine serves a dual purpose! It is how one deals with the poison or the toxins (in modern world). And both ways it is CANCER!

I hope and pray that you are not as confused as I am! Just a learner playing with WORDS, not having learnt to form sentences yet.



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