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Meena or Pisces! May 16, 2009

Posted by Neelam in Articles.

At the end (may be not yet) of the story, remember Meena, the Poisson, who took over the reigns of instinct. The CORD-ial pacifist, often caught when up and about on a dreamy, hopeful vision; has no natural defence except its fluid movement, and an instinct to swim away from the troubled waters. Cerebrals are hard nuts and can knock, lock and crack but the CAUDALS are soft and supple to ‘knot’.

Even beyond the MAYA tale, the ‘MEENA dualism’ is kind of mystical. Trying to separate? Or lose their sense of separateness? The boundless essence of soulful creativity and elemental life force from which everything emerges and eventually returns, the magna mater or MA (as you would say perhaps), is the soothing aspect of divinity that only Meena has.

Meena might lack in structure, control and conformity, might be vacillating and dithering, yet the finality and inevitability is rooted in its adaptability. Meena, the queen of oceans, is the symbolic realm of emotional and spiritual energy which lies beneath all physical existence connects everything so that nothing moves without creating the ripples  which pull or push and have no logical beginning or end.

Meena makes a lovely ashram for the GURU and extols KAVI, but VIVEK! Why Meena deplores him so? May we leave it for Meena to sort out the Bhakti and Sankhya, as also when the earth ‘is’ no more!



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