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Free-wheeling!! May 7, 2009

Posted by Neelam in Articles.

If we believe in life after life, and law of karma, we become a function of the peculiar ways in which we are embedded in time and how our memory crucibles resonate with the medley of little pieces we have collected over the years and beyond on which the INTER-BODY energy-exchange is carried in both wave-form and particle-form.

This inter-body exchange, in case of a nativity, would involve his nearest interactions with his surroundings (both biotic and abiotic) as well as the distant and infinite cosmos. The planets, may be indicating the same energy for many born at the same time, but each nativity is a unique refractive and reflective, as well as absorbing surface and the outcome of energy-exchange will then be individual-driven, rather than planet-driven.

Time of birth is one factor which segregates the nativities, but when there is a common time of birth, the birth conditions (family, environment, etc) have to be looked into, if we really find a birth in the same moment. It is like a fine tooth combing then, which we do not need when the births are apart.

Applying the tenet of desh-kaal-patra is most crucial. Some years back when infant mortality was high, a small affliction to 5H would be disastrous for childbirth. Now with better medical facilities, we see natives beget children with hugely malefic 5H. So there is a paradigm shift in results of the same planetary strengths. A person living in a village may die at the slightest disturbance in the transits, whereas one in the city would be saved despite the killer combinations in chart as well as the heavens.

Astrology is more holistic and planets are just a small part of the whole of astrology. That is why the shastras had shown the application of panchanga, nimitta, shakuna, parashna, hora, etc, etc. The use of ashtakvargas, jaimini karakas and dristies, varshphala etc, cannot be haphazard and each serves a special purpose. One can go on adding to this list of focals that we have to delve into various aspects to arrive at REAL conclusions and not fluke predictions.

\When WILL comes into play it becomes more of an individualistic approach and on-purpose dealing with situations. Here a native will utilise his WILL, driven by, of course, his samskaras and learning. In this category we can place the results of upchay sthans for WILLING to work and parabdh for WILLING to d remedies etc. as primary houses for free-will to make a measurable difference in destiny.

Another situation is more of FREE-WHEELING of the native. His environment where he is born is one such issue. Two births at the same time may not be different as per free-will, but free-wheeling!

The former is easier to see and even read from a chart, as to how much elasticity if free-will a native has brought. But the later is more difficult to place in a chart. The chart of  rickshaw pullar and an Ambani can be sorted out only when seen in the light of free-wheeling of the soul, for which we have no way of judging.

Just an idea!



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