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Kaleidoscope of Life… May 5, 2009

Posted by Neelam in Articles.

On our individual journeys, we are at our own individual levels, physically, mentally and spiritually and we speak and understand from those levels. For most of us eating is a need, but to someone who has been able to harness the cosmic energy, there is no such need. For us breathing is a need to remain alive, but the Yogis may live for hundred years without breathing? What then is the need? All of us will define NEEDS and WANTS in our own ways. Similarly, I do not see much difference between physical and material, but you may?

Have you seen how fantastic a kaleidoscope is! We all are like that. If you deep-dive into the hyperbolic geometry of life, and see its myriad reflections in the chamber of your heart, which you might’ve loaded with little stones, pebbles, beads, collected from many shores over many lives. You’ll understand what I mean. And if you make those collectibles float, you are even more amazed!

Strangely, it is a function of the relationships among the collectibles rather than their individual properties, and the range of infinitely possible transformations is determined by the construction of the kaleidoscope, its inner law which governs its operation…. but the most important factor is LIGHT!



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