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Catching Jugnus April 12, 2009

Posted by Neelam in Articles.

Some of us, the less en-‘lightened’ human beings, are innately impelled or shall I say propelled to embark upon the uphill trek to find jyotish. ‘Wide eyed (chak-shooed)’, one wanders (or wonders?) how to get to the never-to-be-seen jyot(ish).

Woods are lov(n)ely, dark and deep… one feels as one oscillates between depressing loneliness to welcome solitude. Yet, the lure of light keeps the will on board, and surprisingly, one becomes more resilient as age withers away, not giving up till the senses are fatally impaired, and life goes for a re-haul.

As I discovered, a little too soon may be (not totally withered yet!), finally there may not be any jyoti overhanging the cliff top. Do I sound pessimistic! Not really! Who minds when the woods are lovely, dark and deep and there are plenty of fireflies enroute!

Many a times I have wondered in amazement at their pointed illumination and the cast of far-reaching shadows. Something to revel in! At times I even marvelled whether I stumbled upon the jugnu or was it the other way round. Or is it the propeller who willed it thus! Showing the marquee!

As I trek upwards (both literally and metaphorically), I am delighted to notice how each little light has been aligned to make the beautiful pattern of life. When and how the light had shown or appeared makes much sense now. And sometimes I have also been wonderstruck at the ‘attunement’ of the light to what I sought. How did it know the promises I had to keep?

The trek continues with greater fervour, as my little fireflies unfold the secret of making ‘sense from no-sense’, which has been the greatest gift from the bylanes of astrology. When the distance between wakefulness and sleep can be covered in a moment, astro-quest has given a new meaning to this moment.



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