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Weak and Strong Planets… March 19, 2009

Posted by Neelam in Articles.
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“A Moon afflicted by Saturn and Mars creates strong feelings of detachment or vairagya. In the horoscopes of great yogis and saints this combination is generally seen” smeone asked me on one of the groups.

My answer:

There is no contradiction. The planet would be responsible for giving its karkatwas and also for the lack of it – would give, if strong and able and deny if weak and disabled.

One needs to check all about the concerned planets (house, sign, aspects, avastha, vargas, etc, not to forget dasha and transits) in this case moon (most important), mars and Saturn to come to any conclusion. A complete range of possibilities exists depending upon a variety of factors. You know the same moon even behaves differently on different days for the same native? Remember the lunar yogas, why moon is so important in yogas? In what way these planets are able to influence the moon would depend on the moon itself to a great extent and then on the acting planets. The navamsha must never be overlooked. That is the final clincher.

All the six ripus if put down on a scale can range from virtues to vices as they are the necessary evils to live in the world, but at the same time their excess throws one out of the gear. Often there is a thin line between virtue and vice.

When the six qualities are being observed on the scale of virtues, they would get into different houses as per house and planet significations (as suggested by you). But the scale gets skewed and any of the quality is likely to turn into a vice when trishadya, especially 6H plays a negative role.  Kama of 7H becomes may become lust of 6H. When 6 afflicts 12, it is not the spouse who is sought.

When Krodha is action, when lobha is for labh in business, when moha is justifies in territorial instinct, when kama relates to social obligations, when mada is self respect and pride, when matsarya is ownership, they remain in their individual houses and a good element of 6th gives a healthy competitiveness for all qualities. The moment 6th becomes negative and overtakes, they turn into ripus.