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Dealing in Astrology February 20, 2009

Posted by Neelam in Articles.
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Many of us have been fortunate to learn astrology from a Guru. After the formal learning, books become our guides and we enter the arena by reading charts and practicing. The more we practice, the more we realize that the books are far more rigid than the charts in hand and the people they represent. We feel something is wrong, either with the books or the dictums, or else with the people. This is the time when we stop reading and start watching.

Our ancestors have left us with great tradition and legacy. We are proud to stand on their shoulders as we practice this divine science. But that tradition at times gets clogged and stiff and set in certain ways. We should then try to reach a little further, to redefine the principles yet again, to see them more clearly, more in harmony with the ebb and flow of human experience.

Astrology supplies the terrain. How we navigate it, is our own business. When we interact with a stranger and his birth-chart, together they become our real gurus and rarely fail to teach us something new. People come to us from different professions, different strata and with different problems. Through astrology, we get to see the human common denominators beneath the masks of circumstance.

We get to know that the most universal of those common denominators is the desire. The desire to “make my life better.” And we learn to help people fulfill their desires, to help them grow, to help them answer their own questions in happier ways. Astrology is an absorbing journey into a shadowy borderland, a place where cosmos and consciousness touch: the human psyche.

Balancing human psyche becomes the key. This separates true astrology from other types of sooth-sayings. A fixed lagna can be told to be more accommodating while a cardinal sign can learn to be more fixed on his decisions. Transformations like that become the goal of a real astrologer.

Anyone can learn to use astrology by reading some basic book. It may be like learning a new language. The words are unfamiliar. But the meaning behind them is as universal. It however, makes no sense till tested on the terrain. Real skill comes with experience. Experience with awareness. Astrological knowledge, when applied on the birth charts then becomes life’s decoder. It breaks the code. The chaos, the pain, and the seeming randomness of our lives coalesce before our eyes into an orderly system. And once we grasp that system, we spend a lot less time swimming against the tide.