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astrology and science November 14, 2008

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In some ways, there is no difference between astrology and science… both are advancing, moving forward, creative, both are justification of thoughts, both are about development and both are seeking answers. Both systems of seeking knowledge, about trying to understand the world, what’s in it, what’s beyond it.

But I would also say astrology is not science and science is not astrology. I wish I could coin another acceptable term a subject like astrology.

Both seek the truth, and both lurk in the grey zone between ignorance and truth. Both start with observation, make a hypothesis/theorem, collect statistical evidence and information to prove it and make it replicable so that it fits our observation. It all becomes a matter of what we observe. Both are beliefs, both are half truths… In this sense, there is no difference and no significant hostility between the astrology and science.

But how do we differentiate? The difference springs from our way of thinking, the way we process information. And they become two independent systems.

One… Global and holistic, an intuitive and simultaneous way of looking at a whole picture first, and then details. It is like seeing a complete image and then breaking into jigsaw pieces to see how they fit to make the puzzle. This gives endless possibilities. That is the art in astrology, to be able to visualise and then synthesize.

Two… An analytical and sequential way of processing information by putting together bits of information and trying to create a whole picture. It is collecting the pieces of zigsaw puzzle and putting them together to see what they make. This creates only limited possibilities. This is science in astrology, you synthesize and then see what you could make.

This comes from our working of the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Both are independent and have different approach of working, yet they are related and interdependent for certain processes. That is why many people can switch between them and easily go back and forth between these areas. Scientists are creative, they must be in order to be effective at scientific inquiry, and many have music or art or even astrology as hobby. Good artists are always critically analyzing their work, practicing technically demanding techniques, and must understand technical concepts such as perspective etc.

Right brain processing means: Visual, focusing on images, Intuitive, led by feelings, process ideas simultaneously, ‘Mind photos’ used to things, remember names rather than faces, see the whole first, then the details, organisation tends to be lacking, likely to follow rules without questioning them, no sense of time, enjoy sensory input, enjoy observing, trouble prioritising, so often late, listen to how something is being said impulsive, etc.

Left Brain Processing means: Verbal, focusing on words, symbols, Analytical, led by logic, Process ideas sequentially, step by step, remember things by writing things down or illustrating them helps them remember words, Make lateral connections from
information, Highly organized, work up to the whole step by step, focusing on details, information organized, Make logical deductions from information like making lists and planning, Like to know why you’re doing something or why rules exist (reasons), Good at keeping track of time, Spelling and mathematical formula, Plan ahead, Likely read an instruction manual before, Listen to what is being said, etc.

Astrology is more likely to be a right brain child and science more likely to be a product of left brain. Hence, the difference lies in our approach to these two fields of learning. The two approaches are different, but there is a very thin line between the two. Many of us easily switch between the two approaches in today’s times because so called science is more of a norm. This creates unnecessary confusion in our minds. The two types of thinking need to be complementary. Someone who starts with being a scientist ends up taking up photography as a career and an artist may be an engineering professional. In fact, the two areas of endeavor are compatible and overlap in the use of mental skills.

A mix and match technique could help a learner progress faster in any of the fields and would ultimately lead to more complete knowledge. When we doing astrology, we need be able to visualise the whole cosmos (Brahmand) in our mind (right brain, working from the whole), then search the smaller spheres, choosing the stars, zodiac, elements, patterns, placing the planets in shadows and highlights (right brain, working on various things simultaneously), but at the same time be able to look critically at what we are doing (left brain, being analytical).

However, the left brain or science approach can deal only with limited probabilities therefore, it makes more sense to the uninitiated and limited mind. The right brain, for art and astrology throws endless possibilities and fails to make any sense to a common mind. It leaves such a mind more intrigued than convinced by it. Our ultimate objective is to harness the limitless possibilities the left brain offers.

I am not getting into the esoteric and metaphysical aspects of this. But hope this would help a little in understanding how the two studies become different and why different people feel inclined to think differently.



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