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Marital Discords seen through Horoscope October 2, 2008

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Marriage is one of the most important aspects of human life, and we all become familiar with it and experience the phenomenon through marriage of self, parents, siblings, friends, children, etc. We witness various shades of this social bonding at all times in our lives. And with our divya chakshus, we are supposed to see a little extra… with people in distress coming for solutions, we do get that extra exposure to marriage-related happenings…

Whatever may be the type and status of marriage, no one can deny that disagreements and discords are common place in any marriage, even between the most understanding partners, due to various reasons. In fact, to take the argument forward, sometimes bitter communication appears to be better than no communication. These discords may not be a threat to an otherwise healthy marriage, but do become a cause for discomfort for sometime or some days to come. And to a marriage already standing on one leg, they may give the last push…

Can we identify such periods from a horoscope, and study their intensity whether they are mild shakers or earthquakes and whether we can develop some warning signals for such happenings.

I have observed in many cases, the dashas related to 2H, 6H and 10H of a chart throw up challenges in the marriage, and become a cause of discord between the partners. Whether the discord is mild or severe, temporary or permanent, or how long will it last, can be judged by applying the normal astrological techniques. Where the lords (LL and 7L) sulk in the chart when this happens, is also important.

These three are the trinal houses and any event in one gets the support of the other two. Good planet in one will support the other two and a malefic in one can ruin the other two also.

From the 7H, these are the 4/8/12 houses and denote the emotions and sensitivity and play of psyche in the marriage.

  • 2H is 8H of marriage and for self it is the house of verbosity, speech, niyam, etc.
  • 6H is 12H of marriage and for self it is the house of quarrels and disputes.
  • 10H is 4H of marital happiness and it is the 10H of karma for self.

Do we see a dispute due to one partner being vocally harsh on another, with his/her karma supporting it (karela aur neem chadha…) to disturb the happiness of marriage and the dispute ensuing from 6H, at the expense of 7H of marriage. We can get into the reasons of verbal brawls by further examination and associations in these houses.

  • 2H is also the house of income
  • 6H is the house of our work-related strife
  • 10H is your profession

Does one get engrossed in professional activities with day-to-day work and focuses more on wealth and income than the spouse/partner (kaam aur paisa…) again at the expense of 7H?

There can be many such interpretations, all related to 2/6/10 and marriage. Do we see any overactivity (malefic) of these houses for couples who tend to have more than normal disagreements? Or if I may say, do we see any role of these houses (2/6/10) in making any marriage mostly a happy one?



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