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Obama the sure shot winner September 20, 2008

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Obama’s will create history

Born on 4.8.1961 at 13.06 in Honolulu.

Libra Lagna and Lahiri’s ayanamsha, the dasha prevailing on nov 4, 2008 is ju-sun.

This dasha appears to be promising:

  • Sun is digbali 11L forming a rajyog with 9L mercury in the 10th house of authority.
  • It is aspected by dashanath Jupiter and lord of masses Saturn.
  • Both Saturn and Jupiter are in sun’s nakshatra
  • 9L mercury is in saturn’s nakshatra (bhagya lord with masses)
  • LL venus is in bhagyasthan, being blessed by a transiting Jupiter.
  • An exalted 10L moon (also karak for public dealings) exalted in 8H of unexpected gains
  • Pratyantar will be of rahu, who is in sun’s house and is nakshatra lord for venus.
  • Jupiters debilitation is also producing neech bhang by Saturn which is likely to give him public support.
  • A vargottam Saturn, not breaking his amsha sambandh with dashanath jupiter.
  • AD lord sun in jupiter’s sign with LL venus in navamsh.
  • If we look at Chaturthansh, for public support and destiny, Saturn is in own 7th house of public image with sun, aspecting D-4 lagn and 4th house of masses and mercury who is the despositor of venus in rashi and d-4.

The stage seems to be set for him. Let’s wait and watch how far the wings of destiny can carry him against his odds…



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