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Maa Amritanandamayi September 19, 2008

Posted by Neelam in Analytical.
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The beauty of the chart lies in the exaltation of 3 key planets in chart i.e the 5L, 9L and 10L in the lagna and houses of moksha 8H and 12H. This seems to be the key to her exalted status.

27 September 1953/9.10.20 hrs/Ambalaphuza, Kerala

  • 5L of purva punya exalted in lagna showing the birth of an exalted soul.
  • 10L moon of karma exalted in 8H of hidden resources showing her mind and karma are in sadhna.
  • 9L of dharma, mercury exalted and conjunct with sun the atma in the 12H of moksha.
  • From moon both 5L and 9L are exalted.
  • From sun, the karak for spirituality the LL mercury is exalted in lagna. 5L is exalted in 2H and 9L is in 12H with 8L mars.

Some other important factors for her spiritual make up are:

  • Ketu in 10H in cancer rashi, whose lord is exalted in 8H.
  • Ketu in the navamsh of 9L mercury who is exalted in 12H, showing the exalted state of dharma and karma.
  • 10L moon in the navamsh of exalted Saturn in lagna showing her love for masses.
  • Moon in saturn’s navamsh gives pravrajya yoga (Sarvarth chintamani)
  • Navamsha lord of 9L mercury is sun who is exalted in 12H in navamsh
  • Saturn aspects 7H and Jupiter is in 9H – this forms a pravrajya yoga for a woman (Stree Jataka)

On a subtler level:

  • There is nakshatra exchange between the luminaries.
  • Venus which is both LL and moon sign lord, is in ketu’s magha nakshatra (the ultimate moksh giver – atharva ved). Because of this venus becomes a moksh giver instead of pleasure giver.
  • Saturn, the karak for sanyas is also aspecting 3H of asana or Samadhi and 10H having ketu in saturn’s own and spiritual nakshatra pushya.
  • Another important point is placement of Rahu, the karmic planet in 4H of Saturn and luminaries in trinal positions in 8 and 12H. This makes the spiritual or moksh kona fully activated with ketu on the driving seat in this birth in 10H.
  • Jupiter the karak of dharma is in the 9H aspecting lagna, 3H and 5H.

She is all set to conquer the higher realms.

Now with this huge inherent promise of the natal chart, she ought to get appropriate dasha sequence also to fulfill the promise.

  • She is born in the Sun MD which was for 2 years only, but indicated the purpose of the soul.
  • It was the moon’s MD in 8H which is connected to sun through nakshtra, thus giving her the sadhana at an early age with a lot of difficulties and restrictions applied by family. Affliction to 2H and moon also result in a difficult childhood.
  • Followed by mars dasha at the age of 12. Its aspect on 5H further made her progress on the path of spiritual sadhna. But mars is marak 2/7 lord in 11H with LL. It continued to give her difficulties from family.
  • Dasha of Rahu finally paved her way to spirituality as explained above with its trinal connections with moon and sun. The malefic in 4H in capricon?? Made her forgo her family, but the exalted planets and combinations in the chart made her adopt the whole world for domestic bliss.
  • Jupiter’s dasha after made her further progress on the path of dharma. Jupiter is also in the nakshatra of mars, connecting her to wealth and fame.
  • Now with saturn’s dasha she’s reaching all out to masses with exalted Saturn in lagna reaching her fame far and wide.

Assets and properties

  • She made ashrams in India and abroad in the dasha of rahu/mer.
  • Rahu is in 4H while 4L Saturn of expansive lands is exalted in lagna and LL venus is in 11H with Bhoomikarak mars who aspects his own 2H of income from 11H.
  • 4th from 4H is aspected by Saturn and is house of mars.
  • Also 4th from karaka mars is again his own house aspected by mars and exalted 10L moon from 8H.
  • From moon lagna also, the 4H has mars with moon LL venus. The 4L sun is in 5H with exalted 2L/5L mercury. Mars is vargottam and in 4H of navamsh with 2L/5L mercury.
  • Chaturthamsh also has an exalted Saturn in 4H aspected by Jupiter and mercury in 5H. Here also mars is vargottam and in own house. This clearly explains her acquisition of huge wealth and assets.

Ashrams and religious expenditures

But all the gains (11H) are spent on religious deeds like building of ashrams etc. as 11L sun is in 12H with exalted 9L mercury. 9L with sun in 12H is an indication of building of ashrams. Sun in 12H in navamsh. Jup and mercury in 12th in D-4 all indicate the money spent on ashrams and religious activities.



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