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Judging lack of intelligence September 18, 2008

Posted by Neelam in Analytical.

Literally speaking, Manda is Saturn and Buddhi is mercury. So, in one sentence, when saturn afflicts mercury, it makes one manda-buddhi.

It is seen clearly in many charts where saturn is conjunct mercury, the person is not sure of himself or is slow and a deliberate thinker, takes time in decision making, is the one to go back to check whether he has locked the house properly. Many OCDs are seen in people with such a combination.

The severity of affliction will, of course, depend on various other factors also:

  • Houses and lords: Association of lagna/LL (self, head, brain), 2H//2L (initial years, education, speech, etc), 3H/3L (efforts, karat karat abhyaas ke jadmati hot sujaan), 4H/4L (education, emotions, mind, happiness), 5H/5L (dhi/buddhi, intellect, education, training, discrimination, etc).
  • Planets/karaks: Mercury is the karak for buddhi and intelligence. And Saturn the slowing and shrinking factor will make the working of mercury slow.
  • Moon the karak of mind/inclinations, shows where and how the intelligence of mercury is directed. When moon is also weak or afflicted, it may not provide the right reflection of intelligence, or can give a misguided intelligence, or make one a recluse or detached person… making of a sanyaasi.
  • Sun, the natural atma karak and arogya karak is very important.
  • Jupiter, the karak for intellect and wisdom, if afflicted, adds to the woes.

Then, there can be different degrees of mental or intellectual retardation/disability, ranging from mild to profound. It can also manifest in several forms. The affected persons may develop more slowly than those with average intelligence and adaptive skills.

Astrologically, this will all depend on a combination of many factors. Given above are the gross factors. There is a thin line between sane and insane. This line also keeps shifting with dashas and transits. The normal are not detectably insane. As Bhagavati ji has given an interesting example of the absent minded-professor. Often afflictions will be seen at more subtle and microlevels of controlling nakshatra lords and sublords.

With the above background, we can try to test the given chart.

BT 28.10.1979/7.00 hrs/Trichur

Before trying to ascertain the specific manda buddhi combinations, we should judge the strength of lagna.

Here LL is in Lagna, is conjunct sun and is aspected by mars and Saturn, which gives strength to the lagna. Lagna is not weak per se. But at the same time, there are multiple afflictions:

LL is also 8L in lagna

  • Sun is a debilitated badhakesh conjunct lagna and LL
  • Lagna is afflicted by 3 malefics, all in various states of weakness.
  • Lagna, LL, sun and moon are all aspected by debilitated 2L/7L mars.
  • Lagna, LL and sun are aspected by a weak and kshobhit Saturn who is afflicted by Rahu/ketu and 6L Jupiter.

From moon:

  • Moon as such is not weak. It enjoys good placement. Is aspected by 4L and 11L mars and 10th from moon are sun and venus.
  • But again there are afflictions also. Moon is in Capricorn and rasheesh Saturn is in 8H with 9L/12L Jupiter and in R/K axis. Both moon rashi lord Saturn and Moon are placed in 8L sun’s nakshatra.
  • 7H and 8H from moon are afflicted.

Thus, both from lagna and moon, we can a see challenging life and some loss to the native. Same is the case from sun also.

Dasha at birth of sun-saturn indicates that the loss and challenge was thrown up at the birth itself. The influence of 8th lordship on the native as seen from lagna and moon and dasha, can mean a defect or a loss at birth.

Can we see a basic manda-buddhi combination here? To some extent yes.

There are several classic combinations balarishta, arishta and manda buddhi applicable in this case. Sarvarth chintamani (5:46, 5:47 and 5:48 are specifically applicable), Jatak Parijat and Jatak Tatwa also explain these combinations. Balarisht combinations given in all the classics may also be applied. Even if the child who survives a balarisht owing to various ‘bhangs’, there is some weakness somewhere. I am not going to delve into these combinations as they are obviously present.

Looking at saturn and mercury:

  • Saturn and mercury are friendly planets to lagna and both maintain a panchadha maitri with lagna lord venus. Saturn is YK in 11H and holds promise to do good. It is also the 5L and hence the lord of buddhi in the chart. But becomes an inherent slowing factor for working of buddhi.
  • Saturn is weak and afflicted by rahu/ketu in the badhaksthan showing the challenges to be faced by the individual. Bhaskaran ji has given a detailed account of this hence I am not going into that.
  • Mercury is the 9L/12L in 2H in inimical scorpio in nakshatra of Saturn and sublord also Saturn. In bhava chart it shifts to lagna with a neecha sun and aspected by a debilitated mars. It is aspected by Saturn. 2L and 5L from mercury is again afflicted Jupiter. In any case, Jup-Rahu close conjunction with Jup as 3L/6L does not auger well for receiving guidance from a teacher/guru.
  • Saturn afflicts mercury, as well as virgo and Gemini… getting parked in virgo by virtue of its placement in rashi sandhi. This also causes a loss of 5H intelligence (5L in 12H).
  • So mercury, karak of buddhi and speech in 2H which should have enhanced both these traits, may have caused the loss of these very traits as it is also 12L and gets afflicted by Saturn in 12H.

Dashas in operation

Saturn’s antar and its affliction to 12H, lagna/LL, mercury, sun, 9H, might have caused a congenital problem giving late milestones in development, like speech, motor reflexes, neuro-disability, etc.

In chaturvimshansh, LL Jupiter and D-1 lord Ve are conjunct in 6H which is 8H of lagna and Saturn is in cancer in 8H. Sun is in 5H, aspected by Saturn from 8H. This indicates again a lack of intelligence.

The further antardashas of sun-mer and sun-ketu do not help (mercury for obvious reasons and ketu is in 5H from lagna and 2H from moon) and we can again expect a problem with speech, expression, etc. The infancy in the control of afflicted planets can lead to severe problems for future.

Moon, mars, rahu remain connected with the problem and the native may still be fighting his way. He could be a slow learner, lack discrimination and not intelligent enough to compete with the world today. What appears to be a sanyas (as pravrajya yoga) might only be a weak intellect, not being able to express to the world and hence produce a recluse.



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