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astrology vs genetics September 18, 2008

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The deciphering of the human genetic map was considered as one of the greatest technological feat by humankind. The scientific event was an occasion of international celebration. Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair boasted about this scientific revolution as the first technological triumph of this century. Bill Clinton’s compared this discovery to Galileo’s map of the sky and said “Today, we are learning the language that allowed God to create life” (do we see astrology here!). And went on to say, “By the spring of this year, the first draft of the human genome – the sequence of all the genetic instructions needed to make up a human being – will be published on the internet.

Bill Clinton, inadvertently points towards supernatural. It is possible that the genome is that microscopic bundle which is passed down by a parent to the single cell which is impacted by the stars in heaven. Do the stars drive this pack of proteins which intern drives a person. Has the creator willed a relation between the genetic constitution and astrological configuration. Are they one? You may approach any one to unfold the mysteries of life? Or they are two complimentary principals needed to run life the way it does?

Astrology and Genetics appear to be very related, yet have to be approached differently. While both deal with individuals and their lives, and both hold the blueprint of an individual, one lying in the heavens and another in the deeper recesses of a cell. Genetics is inside-out approach, and astrology, an outside-in approach.

Both are working on miniscule input, astrology on just a ‘time’ when an individual is born, and genetics on a microscopic strand of DNA on which the book of life seems to have been written. Both are struggling to unravel the secret codes wherein lies the mystery of a being. How far each can go, that only time can tell.
Astrology was once a developed science in some extremely advanced civilizations, but now incomplete fragments remain in our hands. There was an era when it is said to have reigned supreme and ‘played god’ and now scientists are using genetic engineering in the labs to ‘play god’.

Geneticists have predicted that the genetic engineering in medical advances will solve many health problems, create new drugs and thus help humankind to lead healthier and longer lives. So far, none of these optimistic predictions have come true. The discovery of DNA has been used to reinforce one of science’s favorite assertions – that we are the products of our parents’ genes – for a DNA test.

Genetics tells us that the key to our individuality and abilities lie in the 100 thousand or so genes that are in our 22 +1 sets of chromosomes. It tells us that our abilities come from these genes. That is, we are, what we are – because of our genes, and we inherit our genes directly from our parents. Astrology also tells us the same thing. We are what our planets housed in 12 houses make us. And do we see an inheritance pattern in the charts of parents and children? Yes. There is proof to show that. In fact, there are striking similarities in family horoscopes.

While genetics delves in the world of physical realm and things we can touch, see, hear, taste or smell and is lost when it comes to things that we cannot use our five senses to measure. Individuality, personality, energy level, mental ability, etc are some of the things beyond genetics but within the periphery of astrology. Hence genetics has been able to prove its bearing on physical traits, such as the color of our skin, hair and eyes, our blood type, and many other such physical ways. But astrology takes pride in showing exactly who we are. The natal charts have a much more powerful and deeper influence on us than our genes. When the two meet do we get a complete picture?

Our genes determine our species, telling us that we are different from a dog, a monkey or any other organism, but the astrological chart that decides our place and individuality within our species and tells us how different we are in terms of our personality, likes, dislikes, preferences and our relative abilities and talents.

Now where and how do we see any convergence of genetics and astrology?

Astrology is basically the investigation of the future. And genetics is investigation of what is today and what is its cause. Astrology shows us what tomorrow will be. Between the two there is a huge gap.
Genetics has made us accept what astrology had been saying for ages, that every man is born with built-in individuality. Genetics shows that when we sow a seed, there must be some sort of built-in programme, a blueprint in it. Otherwise, how would a specific tree develop out of this seed? Everything must be present within the seed itself. There is never a mistake. Only a mango tree emerges from a mango kernel and a neem tree from a neem seed; everything is repeated correctly. In this tiny seed is stored all the information which relates to what the seed must do. How it must sprout, what type of leaf, how many branches to produce, how big a tree to become, for how long it will grow, how tall it will grow — all this must be hidden within the seed. Astrology has always been saying that!

Now genetics accepts and all of us have an in built programme that stores in itself all the possibilities for us, color of our eyes, hair, height of our body, the possibilities of health and ill health, and even our I.Q. must lie dormant in us. We must have a programme that is built in advance. How from a single cell the fetus will develop? Where will be the hands, legs, eyes, ears, all is hidden in the cell.

Astrology has always known this phenomenon. Up to now astrology was thought to be a superstition, a matter of blind faith. But if genetics draws up such blueprints as genomes, then it will in fact become astrology.

Astrology agrees that we do not know the whole — only a little fragment — what we do not know becomes “the future.” We are obliged to say, “Perhaps it may be like this,” because much is unknown to us. If the whole were to be known then we could say, “It will be like this” — and it will be exactly so.
If everything is latent within us, then it is only a matter of studying the seed. If some day it becomes possible to observe genome, a blueprint could be drawn up indicating what we will do in this life, what we will be, or not be. All this could be forecast. It will not be surprising when tomorrow, if not today, we have the capacity to peep into the human genome. The steps that genetics has taken in this direction.

Birth charts and horoscopes have been used only for probing into all these matters. For thousands of years we have tried, when a child is born, to find out what will happen to him. If we could get some estimate, then perhaps we could make some arrangements, perhaps we could increase the child’s opportunities. Then whatever is to happen, we could become accepting of it.

We may or may not achieve what we are trying to seek. Whether such revelations are in cosmic scheme or not we cannot say. But the fact remains, whether Genetics or astrology, any kind of interference in the natural process has always been thwarted by nature. There seems to be a “prime directive” against meddling with nature. If we mess with the present, we might alter the future. The time of one’s birth determines the configuration of planets in the birth chart, which in turn affects one’s destiny. If the “natural” timing of birth is somehow changed or manipulated, as in the case of elective caesarean section, cloning, the birth chart (and therefore one’s personality and destiny) must be altered accordingly.

Coming back to Clinton’s statement, that is only the end of the beginning. Scientists still have very little idea of what most of the 60,000 or so human genes actually do, and finding out will take them into a very different area of research. The human genome is an enormously barren stretch of DNA bases that do not code for anything; a veritable desert’, rarely punctuated by a gene oasis. The Y-chromosome, which is a male attribute, is particularly barren, containing relatively few, albeit important, genes. However, the size of the ‘human proteome’, the total complement of proteins, quite literally the workhorses of cellular biochemistry, maybe significantly higher; current estimates climb into the neighbourhood of 60,000. This would mean, of course, that the final translation of the ‘message’, encoded in human genes and genomes, would require considerably greater use, than we anticipate, of ‘alternative splicing mechanisms’; a process in which the final messages are constructed by piecing together coding regions in different ways. This molecular sleight of hand, would allow considerably more gene products (proteins) than predicted from the number of identified genes.

A considerable part of the difficulty in decoding the information implicit in the human genome is the presence of tracts of non-coding DNA of widely varying length (introns), which separate segments of coding sequences (exons). The human genome sequence reveals large stretches of ‘parasitic DNA’, which appear to have come about by ‘reverse transcription from RNA. In places the genome looks like a sea of reverse transcribed DNA with a small admixture of genes’. These stretches of DNA are thought of as a link to our evolutionary past, containing an imprint of mankind’s continuing interaction with viruses.

Surprisingly, the genome sequence also suggests that as many as a couple of hundred human genes may be a result of direct transfer from bacteria, as distinct from evolution from bacterial genes. Clearly, we are all genetically modified (‘engineered’) organisms, natural transgenics created over eons of evolution.
Nature has planned that human beings will be social animals. It has suggested that we form relationships and live with compassion, the karma theory supports this by saying that we’ve taken birth to resolve our debts to our fellow beings. Therefore, it closed its doors on incest. In an incestuous mating, the nature doesn’t allow life to flourish. There is an inbuilt system that works against such phenomenon — genetics has shown and astrology had known. We went on further away from incest as to disallow even sahgotra relationships. Same has been the case with cloning and genetic engineering. The fate of Dolly is known to the scientific community. The cloned being is not able to reproduce. If mankind remains adamant to produce genetically modified species of plants or animals, the whole mankind may perish. There have been cases of mutations occurring in human cells as a result of consumption of GM vegetables and fruits. The real impact of this happening will get intensified to appear in ensuing generations. We might have what may be called a bio-pralay one day and all shall perish for all we know!

The fragmented knowledge, whether it is astrology or genetics, revealed to us and which the cosmic power has willed for us, may be used for the well-being of mankind as well as all nature and all other beings on the earth. Those who use this knowledge for good purpose, the nature allows them to proceed with more insights and revelations. Thus, in astrological as well as genetical investigations, humankind has a long way to go before we are able to solve the mysteries which nature keeps to herself. The moment we cross over our boundaries, the higher energy takes over and covers everything with sheaths of obscurity.



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