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astrology – the guiding light September 18, 2008

Posted by Neelam in Articles.

There are two roads which also converge somewhere. Truth is also sought for its own sake. And those who are engaged in the quest for anything for its own sake may not be interested in application. This is called basic research or pure science. But that does not also mean that once they find something, it cannot be put to good use which comes under applied science. Finding the truth is difficult, and the road to it is rough. What was done is only a miniscule part of any scientific approach or method.

There are 5 steps in any research methodology:
– Observation
– Hypotheses or theory
– Logical deduction or inference
– Experiments or tests
– Application

Here, in this case, we are only lurking within the first 3 points. After establishing the three things, we need to test the hypothesis on good sample sizes and then try to apply for any further success. No research can absolutely verify or prove the truth, if at all it can only falsify. This is what Einstein meant when he said “No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong”. All such exercises are only little steps in the process of learning and research, and no step, however small, can be called a waste. And never should a research-mind be disappointed by doing any probe, whether it leads to success or failure.

Our knowledge of ancient astrology is largely lost and what is left with us is incomplete and fragmented. Astrology is a vast, deep ocean out there, and no one can claim to know all the treasures hidden in this ocean… no astrologer can come up with a pearl every time he dives there. No astrologer one can say that each of his prediction has been correct? But astrology does seem to provide an answer to every happening when seen in retrospect. This encourages us to go on with our treasure hunt.

Very few people know that Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, and the one that medical doctors take an oath from, said that no one should call himself a doctor unless he/she was also an a astrologer; for no diagnosis could be made without the help of astrological information on the patient. Despite, it remains also a fact that astrology has not yet been accorded the status it deserves, may be because we have not yet adopted the sound scientific attitude and methodology in solving problems. Well-equipped astrologers
thus, have a two pronged struggle, one to safeguard and prove the worth of astrology, and having done that, the second is to put it to good use. Unless we are able to fully establish the first part, we won’t even be allowed to pilot the second part.

Once this is done, some method is expected to appear in the astrological studies also. A few decades back, even the specialized medicare was difficult to comprehend. The notion was that the human body is a single system and the study of and practice of medicine should be comprehensive and not restricted to particular area of the anatomy. There were only general practitioners who would diagnose and prescribe remedies for any ailment.

The subject of astrology is in a similar situation as that of the medicine of those days. Astrology is a vast subject… a larger canvass than any other study…. But still we have mostly general astrologers. It would be good to have specialists, and further specialists within each branch of astrology. There could be researchers who come up with inferences and logics and medical astrologers can test them extensively in field and if found correct
can start the application. For this a whole system must be generated where multidisciplinary committees can be decision-making authorities at the helm with astrologers having their due status. Only possibilities of course… till there is a consolidated approach to achieve this.

We cannot hope to reach the bank till we cross the bridge. So we have to go on with the mission and welcome each little opportunity to learn and grow… till we are able say Eureka!!

Astrology is a great tool, but it can’t be the be-all end-all. e.g the point about altering the time of births does not work as it goes against the basic astrological principles. There have been many unsuccessful attempts also when astrologers have recommended specific times of birth and the child has chosen its own time to descend. The Law of Karma says that each soul will choose its time to take birth at a time when the planetary position make possible his journey for his own suffering or enjoyment of karmas. Can anyone, then, alter that time? If we think we can, then we fool ourselves and others.

In conclusion, I can only say that astrology is a guiding light, and with a more scientific approach it can be shown with more confidence, with better focus and better illumination, for the betterment of humanity. And every step, small or big, taken here or anywhere, counts and adds to the knowledge base.
Hope I haven’t bored you all with this long mail, but I am sure any researcher would agree with me.



1. sherrieh - November 6, 2008

Hi. As a professional educator as well as a a professional astrologer, I totally agree with you! Now that there are universities offering masters and PHDs in astrology, some of the research you are talking about above is now being done in diverse parts of the world. I know I have been working on my own statistically proven research on one topic since May 2008. I’m in the process of writing my findings aimed at the astrological community. So there will be an article, if not a book out of it.

There are so many diverse branches of astrology. I do believe if you read some of Dane Rudyar’s archival books on line, that you would find he began decades ago to raise the standard. His books are now classics that most astrologers study. Hmm, let me see if I can find the link for you on my computer. Many of his books are now online. http://www.khaldea.com/rudhyar/astroarticles/planetssymbols_1.shtml. Other researchers such as Liz Green and Robert Hand continuously write about their research. There are several well know astrologers in the astrological community who do the same.

I would appreciate it if you added me to your blogroll! http://www.astromoon.wordpress.com. Bless you for this post!

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